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empresas de traduccion
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Welcome to Translate-Ecuador

your translation and interpretation agency

Communication made simple

About us

Our goal is to become an extension of your organization and provide you with a high-quality, dependable service. Our processes are designed to meet the language and communication requirements of both individuals and companies, while retaining a customized approach to project management and quality control through our team of professional translators and editors.

Our Clients

We have provided translation, interpretation and editing services to private and public owned organizations as  support for deliverables, courses, meetings and conferences.


English and/or Spanish in-house and free-lance translators deliver your work in a timely manner. Each document goes through at least two filters to guarantee precision and error-free texts.


Our team understands that your privacy is important; thus, all documents, conversations and projects are protected

by a strict confidentiality agreement that guarantees the safety of your information.



Margarita Castro Wright, M.A.

María Lorena Chiriboga Aguirre

Estefania Vinueza

In-house translator

 Associate Interpreter

Associate Translator & Editor

Margarita has a master’s degree in Comparative Literature with a Translation Certificate in English to Spanish from the State University Of New York at Binghamton. She was head of the English Department at USFQ and created, as well as supervised, all English classes. She has owned her own school and consulted for other private institutions to supervise and create a curriculum based on excellence. She established a translation/interpretation and editing department for building and training a team to give service to private and public owned companies as a support for all deliverables, courses, meetings and teleconferences.

María Lorena has a Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude from Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Maria Lorena has taught English as a Second Language for over 30 years. She was Academic Coordinator for Benedict International Language Schools. She has worked with ETS and CaMLA, managing exams, courses and certifications. She also oversaw all transcripts and document translation english to spanish and spanish to english from students and other customers. She has worked as an interpreter with outstanding results in different settings.

Estefania pursued the International Baccalaureate from ISM international Academy, Quito, in 2013. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Linguistics and Creative Writing from Melbourne University, Australia. Upon returning to Ecuador she has worked as a translator and editor. Additionally, she has taught at middle school level and developed her language skills through writing, translating and teaching. She has a high interest in the language and linguistics domain.


Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation.


We have the capacity to carry out a professional service, including two language channel, transmitters, receivers and a cabin; as well as specialized personnel for technical interpretation, considering your business customized needs.

Also, we are provided with the necessary experience to accompany executives and technicians in meetings and international calls, through an efficient and professional consecutive interpretation service.

Substantial & Copy Editing

Nowadays, adequate communication is key to a company’s image. Given this important need, we offer an integrated service for proofreading and editing of texts, while keeping in mind the confidentiality of the submitted information.

If your documents require grammar and style proofreading, we carry out that important task, which can also be integrated to writing/translating of any document in Spanish or English.


Translate Ecuador is a translation company that offers a variety of services tailored to your needs, such as technical translation, editing, proofreading, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Responsibility and a high level of professionalism are our main assets, making a difference in the translation and interpretation market, both locally and internationally.


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